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Aris Brown and Career Day

When Mr. James asks Aris and his classmates what they want to be when they grow up Aris decides to dream BIG! In Aris Brown and Career Day, Aris decides to remind his friends of their potential to make their dreams come true. This story will remind kids and grown-ups alike that they can be and do whatever it is they desire.

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Author: De'Shana' Edmond
Book Illustrations: Patricia M Hung



Project Title: Aris Brown and Career Day

Client: De'Shana' Edmond

"Working with Patricia was an absolute pleasure. She did an amazing job on my book. What impressed me the most was her professionalism and creativity. She was able to take my vague ideas and create a masterpiece. She exceeded my expectations. She was timely and even finished the project before the deadline. I appreciate her patience, transparency, and flexibility throughout the entire process. Patricia offered helpful suggestions that made the book better overall. I am blessed to have worked with her and look forward to working with her in the future. As a new author, I can't imagine being on this journey with any other illustrator!"

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