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Penelope the Pirate Princess

I was hired through Hire an Illustrator to work on a map spread for the book Penelope the Pirate Princess. This was the first time I have created for a children's book! 

"Join Penelope and her diverse crew of comrades as they race to recover the Magical Moon Pearl while protecting the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom and its treasures from the dastardly Madam Boujetto!"

Map Illustrated by: Patricia M Hung

Map Illustrated by: Patricia M Hung

The Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom Map - Illustrated by Patricia M Hung

Map Landmarks Illustrated by: Patricia M Hung

Map Landmarks Illustrated by: Patricia M Hung

The rest of the illustration done by Dustin Bolton.

Patricia designed some small props and other elements. Main Illustration done by Dustin Bolton.

Project Title: Penelope the Pirate Princess

Client: Khalil Thompson
Company: Swagamore Edutainment

"Patricia is an absolute pleasure to work with! We hired her to illustrate my daughters map of her Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom for her book Penelope the Pirate Princess and we were blown away by the work that she did.

She communicated with us well, delivered work in a timely manner, and took pride in the work she did for us as if it was her own personal project. She did such a fantastic job, that we hired her for another project polishing up a few final things for us in the book.


We definitely will be working with her again on future projects!"

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